Creative Plaza Co.,Ltd.

Professional Marketing Event Management and Public Relations Management Company with deep focusing on fulfilling the customers’ satisfaction as one stop services. With the strong experience team on event organizer and public relations, providing the outstanding professional services and design along with worthily budget and thoughtfully perspective. Creating great works with maximum quality to our great customers.


To be a leader in administration in the government event management and PR management that is able to make clients meet their requirements in one stop by professional teamwork in organizing, administrative work and effective PR.

Moreover, the leader can professionally design and manage the budget effectively with circumspect aspects to create the best satisfied work for clients.


  • 1. Professionally administrate
  • 2. Have our own event
  • 3. Enhance administrative work in other parts with suitable solutions and also create new options for contracting partner.
  • 4. Provide administrative consult that is above standard both in structure, administration and PR to achieve efficiency and upmost effectiveness.
  • 5. Make a partnership in business that covers and answers all clients' requirements and questions
  • 6. Continuously strengthen clients' power and potentiality
  • 7. Build up the best image for the partnership
  • 8. Promote new PR teams to support new marketing demand


Marketing Event Management
Expo & Exhibitions
Public Relation (PR)
Strategy Market Positioning
TV Program
Production & VDO Presentation